Atlas Cables unveils new XLR interconnects

Scotland’s Atlas Cables has launched two new analogue XLR interconnects.

The Element Mezzo uses an oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductor working with gas-loaded, high-density foamed polyethylene dielectric. It features a high-efficiency braided screen and new copper alloy XLR plug and pins. Starting at £146.25 for 0.5m, it is available at various lengths up to 3m (£188.75).

The Equator has Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper with a balanced core for a step up from the Element in terms of performance. The dielectric is gas-loaded, high-density foamed polyethylene with minimal screen distortion for maximum RFI protection. The plug employs OCC pins and Atlas cold weld technology. The Equator XLR starts at £475 for 0.5m with lengths up to 3m costing £600.

Both XLR cables are available to buy now and you can find out more about the Element Mezzo XLR here or the Equator XLR here.

Atlas Cables
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