Audio-Technica AT6006R

Finding an elegant and non-intrusive way of automatically lifting a tonearm as it reaches the run-out groove at the end of a record has often been a challenge. Audio-Technica’s AT6006 safety raiser first appeared in the seventies and was probably the most successful of such devices, but production ceased many years ago. Increasing demand since has seen second-hand devices selling for silly money on auction sites, so my discovery that Audio-Technica has introduced an updated version in the form of the AT6006R is good news indeed.

The new device works the same as the original and you’re guided through the set-up process by the simple instructions. Once the end of the record is reached, the tonearm pushes on the tiny wire with a yellow ball on it and triggers the release of a damped piston that lifts a lever positioned underneath the armtube.

After the tonearm is parked, the raiser is reset by pressing the lever back down. It only requires the slightest pressure to activate the device, raising the tonearm gently and smoothly. The height of the lever is adjusted by a height lock screw and for decks where the tonearm is high above the plinth, two spacers are provided to increase the overall height and are held in place with the supplied double-sided adhesive discs. Unlike the original design, there’s no way to disable the raiser once it’s in place, making it much more straightforward to use. 

The AT6006R is a practical solution for those that want to avoid wear to their precious vinyl and cartridge should they become momentarily distracted and are unable to manually raise the tonearm once the end of the LP is reached. This is a superb device that works every bit as well as the original and will be a welcome addition to many vinyl setups. NR

Product: Audio-Technica AT6006R
Price: £115
Type: Tonearm safety raiser
Read the full review in June issue 450

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