Audio-Technica's new OC9 moving-coil cartridges

First introduced in 1987, Audio-Technica’s AT-OC9 moving-coil cartridge series is now on to its fourth generation, which was unveiled at the High-End show held in Munich at the beginning of May. The revised series incorporates five designs all with a rigid aluminium bodies and threaded holes that utilise an aluminium cantilever for the elliptical and nude elliptical models and a boron cantilever for the microlinear, shibata and special line contact models. All options employ neodymium magnets, while the AT-OC9XEB (£210) with bonded elliptical stylus and AT-OC9XEN (£300) with nude elliptical stylus both feature a pure iron yoke, and the AT-OC9XML (£480) with microline stylus, AT-OC9XSH (£570) with shibata stylus and AT-OC9XSL £660 with special line contact feature a permendur yolk. Matching headshells are also available priced at £80 each with Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) lead wires and an adjustable cylinder to enable precise azimuth and overhang settings. Available from June, you can find out more about the updated OC9 cartridges here.
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