August issue now on sale

Welcome to the August issue
Here's what I don't understand. If, like many of you, I'm still working from home, avoiding the dreaded commute etc., how come I don't have any more time on my hands?

I can't honestly remember when I last did just one thing. We used to call it multitasking and held it up as something clever to aspire to. Now it's just normaility.

With that in mind, it's nicely appropriate that our Group Test this month features six high-end in-ear headphones which allow you to listen to your favourite podcast while simultaneously watching the football, keeping an eye on the puppy and doing the washing up.

In fact, time, and how precious it is, is a theme that runs throughout this issue. In the Letters pages a couple of readers attempt to grapple with the notion that their hi-fi problem may not be down to their kit but actually a consequence of age affecting their hearing. And events have already outpaced us to the extent that, while going to press, Tyler, The Creator has dropped a new album and it's been announced that Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary, Get Back, recommended in Reasons To Be Cheerful, will now be released as a six hour docuseries split across three nights (November 25-27) on Disney+. Tons, then, to look forward to.

Enjoy the issue.