Auralic introduces updated Aries S1, Vegas S1 and Altair G2.2

US streaming specialist Auralic has released its new S1 streamer, updated Tesla G3 streaming platform-based Altair G2.2 and V10 software.

The S1 is an entry-level audio streamer that inherits premium audio technologies from the G2.2 reference products, including Direct Memory Access (DMA), Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC, Galvanic Isolation and more. Available in two variations, the Aries S1 features USB and digital outputs, while the Vega S1 offers XLR and RCA analogue outputs. Both models support streaming via Ethernet through Auralic’s Lightning DS, AirPlay 2, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Internet Radio and a range of digital input channels. Additionally, the S1 will soon be Roon Ready upon completion of Roon certification. Auralic is also offering the optional S1 Purer-Power External Power Supply Unit designed to further enhance sound quality.

Both the Aries S1 and Vega S1 are priced at £2,000. The optional S1 Purer-Power External Power Supply Unit, meanwhile, can be purchased for £1,000.

The Altair G2.2 introduces several updates not seen in its predecessors, including the adoption of Direct Data Recording (DDR), Fusion DAC and Galvanic Isolation. In addition, it now boasts an HDMI eARC input to accommodate integration with a wide range of audio sources. It is priced at £5,300.

Auralic’s Lightning OS V10 streaming platform is commemorating its 10th anniversary with the release of version 10.0 firmware, which includes new features like PureDAC mode and Tone Mode in a bid to enhance sound quality. Lightning OS V10 is available through Over-The-Air updates.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the new Auralic streamers here.