Bryston unveils BP-19 analogue preamplifier

PMC Distribution UK is introducing its Bryston ultra high-performance BP-19 analogue preamplifier, which features an over sized toroidal power transformer, two pairs of balanced XLR inputs and four pairs of RCA input connectors. There are also two pairs of RCA (phono) outputs (one fixed, one variable) and two pairs of balanced XLR outs (one pair fixed, one variable) for optimum connectivity.

Delivering a claimed THD+N measurement at or below 0.0006 percent, the signal path features a fully balanced design from input to output, which the company says uses: “an array of very tightly matched components and a compact circuit architecture, achieving the lowest possible noise and superior common mode rejection”. The new preamplifier also employs an advanced volume attenuator in an effort to ensure long-lasting, quiet, linear performance.

Bryston is offering a BP-2 moving-magnet phono stage circuit as an onboard option for the BP-19, which the company claims is: “highly accurate, offering extremely low noise, miniscule distortion and provides headroom margins sufficient to prevent overload from any known phono source”. The company also provides specially designed, custom-made step-up transformers to accommodate low-output moving-coil cartridge designs.

Each of the six analogue inputs can be controlled via the supplied remote, front panel or remotely using RS232 or IP when connected to a smart home eco system. HEX codes are also available for use with a universal-style remote control.

The BP-19 comes with 432mm faceplates in a choice of silver or black finishes or 483mm to order. Pricing is as follows: Bryston BP-19 preamplifier £5,400; BP-19 with built-in MM phono stage £6,400; and with built-in MM and MC stage £7,400.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the Bryston BP-19 analogue preamplifier here.