CH Precision introduces C10 DAC

Swiss company CH Precision has launched its C10 DAC featuring a DSP-based, PEtER Spline Filter Algorithm paired with an all-new architecture, the DSQ Phase Array. It employs eight R2R DACs per channel in a dual differential topology, committing four DACs to each phase of the signal. The incoming samples are distributed sequentially, the first DAC receiving samples 1, 5, 9 etc, the second 2, 6, 10 and so on across the four chips.

The company adds: “Such complex processing demands incredible accuracy and stability within the entire digital-to-analogue environment, from clock to software to low-pass filter and power supply. The remarkable processing speed delivers unprecedented resolution or harmonic and musical information, while the time domain demands translate directly to the musical reproduction, with a clarity, organisation and rhythmic integrity that no conventional DAC can match.”

Due to the C10’s complex power distribution and segmented power supply the upgrade path to C10 Mono is simplified to adding a second C10 power supply. CHP says this is: “A single step that’s both easier, more practical, more space efficient and more cost effective than the ‘base camp plus five stages’ to the C1.2’s six-box Everest. Of course, the C10 incorporates the improved mechanical grounding system employed on the other 10 Series products and is available in the same choice of three different finishes. But add to that the configurable input options, output level and global feedback, and the C10 can be matched to any digital source and any high-performance preamplifier.”

The T1 Time Reference master clock can be ordered in matching 10 Series casework – designated the T10. Prices are: C10 DAC €91,000; C10 Mono Three Chassis True Monaural DAC €127,000; and T10 Time Reference 10MHz clock €24,300.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the C10 DAC here.

CH Precision