Chord Company introduces Clearway Streaming cable

Chord Company has introduced a new streaming cable into its Clearway range. The aptly named Clearway Streaming cable is: “purpose built for today’s streaming age and keenly priced from just £80 to suit a wide range of partnering hardware”.

A claimed step up in performance from the Wiltshire company’s entry-level C-stream (£40), it’s been designed to: “virtually eliminate the pick up of damaging high-frequency noise”.

The Clearway Streaming cable benefits from four high-speed 26AWG OFC twisted-pair conductors, which have been individually shielded from each other. An additional optimised shield beneath the outer jacket has also been included to offer further protection from high-frequency noise interference.

The new cable also benefits from Chord Company’s latest-generation, slim-profile 24ct gold-plated RJ45 connectors for wide-ranging compatibility with Ethernet-enabled hardware, including high-performance data switches, such as the English Electric 8Switch and 16Switch. Further design features include zinc connector jackets and a non-compression strain-relief system to keep the RJ45 terminations in optimal condition.

A directional cable, Clearway Streaming features directionality indicators on one of the RJ45 connectors with a blue dot indicating the source end. The cable is available in 0.75m (£80), 1.5m (£90), 3m (£110), 5m (£150), 10m (£200), 15m (£300) and 20m (£400) lengths to suit a variety of applications. It is available to buy now and you can find out more about it here.

Chord Company