Chord Company introduces Epic USB

Said to utilise some of the lessons learned from the recently developed upmarket Signature Super ARAY USB cable (priced from £800), the newly introduced more affordable Epic USB-A-to-B cable is a hybrid design that employs ultra-low resistance silver-plated copper Ohmic connectors to the signal runs of silver-plated copper conductors.

Hand soldered and assembled at its Wiltshire factory, it features Chord Company’s proprietary Tuned ARAY technology with two conductors individually shielded and the earth shielding connection further protected from high-frequency noise with a two-layer braided screen. Priced at £400 for a 1m standard length, custom runs of up to 5m are additionally available to order. Look out for a review of the Epic USB in the November issue or click here for more info.

Chord Company
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