Christiano Ronaldo teams up with Monster to launch electronics brand

Christiano Ronaldo has teamed up with Monster Products to launch his own electronics brand, ROC Live Life Loud. Football superstar Ronaldo is the latest high-profile celebrity to jump onto the consumer electronics bandwagon with a selection of in-ear, on-ear and wirless headphones.

“Everything in my life is about performance and quality,” Ronaldo tells HFC. "We launched ROC Live Life Loud to give my fans around the world direct access to high design and the best sound quality on the market.”

 The ROC Sport line range includes the Bluetooth on-ear ROC Sport Freedom (£199.95), in-ear ROC Sport SuperSlim headphones (£129.95), wired over-ear headphones in the shape of the ROC Sport Black Platinum (£249.95) and a Bluetooth speaker called the ROC Sport BackFloat (£149.95).

A second product line, ROC Luxe is set to launch later in the year and is claimed to take the user "off the pitch and into Ronaldo’s jet- set quest for the ultimate in design and quality". We'd imagine they'd have the sort of pricetags that are associated with the wages of high-profile footballers. 

“Ronaldo is the best in the world, and we feel that Monster makes some of the best consumer electronics in the world,” said Head Monster Noel Lee. “So we believe that Ronaldo will open up our award winning products to a whole new global audience.” 

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