Copland introduces CTA407 integrated tube amp

Danish amplifier specialist Copland has launched its new flagship valve-based integrated, the CTA407. Supplied with two matched pairs of 6550 output valves, the amp is rated at 50W per channel in high-biased Class A/AB mode, delivering most of its power in Class A state. Copland says this: “enables the CTA407 to combine captivating musical realism and tonal purity with sufficient power to drive a wide range of different speakers with ease”.

The amp is also compatible with KT88, KT90, KT100, KT120 and KT150 valves, with automatic adjustment between types. The 40 LED diodes on the front panel (10 for each tube) are the visual part of the CTA407 tube bias and diagnostic system and can be turned off if the user doesn’t wish to read the status of the power tubes on the fly. The CTA407 will automatically adjust for any tube in the 6550/KT88/KT120/KT150 family, its servo system a lossless automatisation of the bias adjustment and also an integrated part of the CTA407 internal high-pass filtering, matched to the transfer function of the amplifying circuitry.

The new amp employs five line-level inputs including a tape monitor loop and a built-in RIAA phono circuit accommodating moving-magnet and coil cartridges. The push-pull output stages consist of a pair of matched power tubes in fixed ultra-linear configuration, which the company says provides the low distortion of triodes and the power of tetrode valves. It’s claimed a pair of 6550 or KT-family tubes in push-pull configuration can deliver more than 100W of audio power.

The CTA407 uses a motor-driven volume control and can be fully operated by the Copland RC102A remote control. It measures 435 x 215 x 390mm (WxHxD), weighs 22kg and comes with a choice of black or silver front panel.

Available to buy now for £6,500, you can find out more about Copland's CTA407 integrated tube amplifier here.

Absolute Sounds (UK distributor)