Cyrus unveils PSU-XR power supply

Cyrus has released what it’s calling: “the most intelligent power supply” it has ever designed. It’s called the PSU-XR (pictured third down from top) and is the first power supply from the UK company to have its own built-in microprocessor, which it claims: “enables it to talk to the product it is connected to, providing the best configuration of power sources demanded by the host product”.

It has been designed to work with all of the current XR range and was developed to be futureproof with all XR products still to come – including the Blu-OS XR streamer – which will require a simple software update to enable it to talk to the PSU-XR.

Output voltages from the PSU-XR are all digitally controlled with a view to making them stable and virtually noise free. The company also claims that it is capable of providing up to 60 percent more power and is 50 percent more efficient than the PSX-R2.

The PSU-XR measures 215 x 75 x 355mm (WxHxD) and weighs 7.7kg.

Available to buy now for £2,400, you can find out more about the PSU-XR here .