Exposure 2010S2-D

Audiofile: 2010S2 series amp gets upgraded

price: £1,020  available: now contact: 01273 423877  web: exposurehifi.com

Driven by a demand for digital connectivity, we saw Exposure’s upgraded 3010S2-D integrated amplifier in HFC 397 benefit from an optional plug-in DAC board. Buoyed by its success, British brand Exposure tells us that its mid-range integrated amp, the 2010S2, is also getting the same upgrade treatment.

The 2010S2-D comes with six line-level inputs and, as with the upgrade options on the 3010S2-D, vinyl fans can also have a moving magnet or moving coil phono stage fitted at a cost of £110. Power output claims 75W per channel and a preamp output also allows for a separate power amplifier to be added in case owners want to bi-amp their system. Exposure says that attention has been paid to the circuit design to extract what it calls the “best possible sound quality”.

The aluminium casing features an extruded front panel and is available in black or silver finish to compliment the range’s existing CD, DAC and power amplifier models.