February issue now on sale

Welcome to the February issue
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’ve entered a competition to win a $18 million-plus Bugatti La Voiture Noire, the world’s most expensive car, and you’ve won! So here you are, on your first visit to fill her up at the local petrol station. You’re not gonna buy that low-grade, cheap petrol, right?

Well a similar principle holds when it comes to that dream hi-fi setup you’ve been saving up for. You could, of course, use the cabling that comes bundled or you could splash out just a little more and add some interconnects that will be most sympathetic to your new kit and coax the very best sound out of it.

Where to begin? You could do worse than turn to p30 and this month’s Group Test where Neville Roberts scrupulously puts half a dozen affordable but still fab analogue interconnects through their paces to discover which performs best with various systems playing a wide range of music. Such is the finesse of variation that, although he identifies his winner, Neville's compelled to point out that each reader may have their own personal choice and so we await your letters in response...

Meanwhile, there's a bumper 12 pages of Audiofile news about new product launches to help make up for the cancellation of this year’s Bristol Hi-Fi Show.

Have fun!