FiiO launches SP3 active desktop speaker

FiiO has launched its SP3 active desktop speakers which the company says have been: “designed for people who demand a superior hi-fi sound from a compact package”.

Measuring 120 x 163 x 132mm (WxHxD), the SP3 delivers a claimed 2x 30W + 2x 10W, comes in black or white finish, features stereo RCA and 3.5mm line inputs and has been designed to work with a host of devices including Macs, PCs, DAPs and more. The dimensions also match the FiiO R7 Desktop Streaming Player, forming a fully featured hi-fi when the two are used together.

Using an 89mm Carbon-fibre mid/bass driver, together with a 25mm silk tweeter, the SP3 employs a system of Asymmetrical Magnetic Circuits and an auxiliary magnet has been added to the centre in an effort to improve the strength of the magnetic-field and reduce non-linear distortion across the whole frequency band.

FiiO explains that the tweeter has been precisely angled for lossless transmission of sound waves, with the horizontal striped pattern diffusing sound effectively throughout the room. It features a copper-plated aluminium KSV voice coil: “to deliver accurate and clean reproduction of high frequencies, even when listening off-axis.”

The SP3 also utilises a double-diffused S-shaped porting tube and comes supplied with two sets of silicone stands: one positioning the speaker with 0° elevation, the other giving a 7° front-facing incline. As the stands are made from silicone, they also serve to act as vibration absorbers.

The SP3 features LED lights at the bottom of its cabinet when powered on. Using the button on the rear, a total of 24 different colours can be chosen from or the lights can be turned off completely.

Available to buy now for £289, you can find out more about the FiiO SP3 here.