Flare Audio launches Zero range

“I was on a mission to produce the perfect loudspeaker that wouldn’t harm ears and wouldn’t harm the planet. The world needs to look at how we can produce new technologies with natural fibres.”

This is the mission statement from Davies Roberts, founder of Flare Audio, whose new Zero loudspeaker is the first to use recycled paper in the fabrication of its exterior. Customisable across 16 colours, it clamps layers of 2mm-thick recycled paper between solid, milled aluminium plates so that the paper becomes rigid as concrete. There is no acoustic wadding in the cabinet to damage sound purity, according to the company, and no electronic correction is required.

The Zero’s ‘pure’ sound comes from layers of rigid paper forming hundreds of vortices. Acting like tiny sieves, these encompass the driver, trapping sound but letting air through to release pressure slowly, enabling it to move freely. It claims the result is crystal-clear, accurate sound reproduction without the distortion and unwanted effects that can result from traditional speaker designs.

“We use an English paper mill, which makes the greyboard from recycled paper,” explains Roberts. “This is then stamped into vortices. Waste is sent back to the mill, creating a perfect synergy and zero waste. The metal plates are machined from solid plates of aluminium. Any waste from the machining process is recycled, again allowing zero waste.”

The Zero is a modular speaker that can be deployed as individual components or in full stereo configurations. For instance, the £10,000 Zero 8.1 can be a wallmount while optional feet enable the Zero 12 or Zero 8.1 (£2,000 each) to be shelf mounted individually. Completing the range is the £10,000 Zero System 1 and £20,000 Zero System 3.

Flare Audio's Zero series is available to buy now and you can find out more about it here.

Flare Audio