Focal introduces Clear MG open-back headphone

French company Focal is releasing a new model, the Clear Mg. This open-back, high-fidelity headphone features a magnesium dome for the driver. The company claims: “this new alloy, combined with an ‘M’-shaped dome, contributes to even more lightness, rigidity and damping”. Other features of the Clear MG include a solid aluminium yoke that moulds to the face, a headband covered in leather and the use of perforated microfibre, which offers a constant curve – no matter which way the head turns. The outer shell of the earpads sports a honeycomb pattern and there’s a new chestnut and mixed-metals finish.

The Focal Clear MG claims an impedance of 55ohm, weighs 450g and comes with a case, which has been woven in colours to match the headphones. Bundled cables come in the shape of a 1.2m mini-jack cable with 6.35mm jack adapter and a 3m four-pin XLR cable, while an optional stand is also available.

The Focal Clear MG open-back headphone is available to buy now for £1,400 and you can find out more about it here.