Hana adds ML and MH M-Series Carts

Japanese manufacturer introduces new mid-priced moving-coil cartridges

Known for its mid-priced moving-coil cartridges, Hana has announced a deluxe line with its M-Series moving-coil cartridges. Hailing from Tokyo’s Excel Sound Corporation, the ML and MH cartridges (Low and High output options) are a development of its SL and SH designs that we reviewed in HFC 408, and utilise a Microline nude diamond tip stylus for improved tracking and performance. Both cartridges quote a frequency range of 12Hz to 45kHz with a tracking force of 2g and have threaded fittings built into the top of the cartridge body for ease of mounting. 

Distributed in the UK by Air Audio Services Ltd., the ML and MH are priced at £899 each. Look out for our Hana ML review coming soon. Click here to find out more.