Hegel’s new H90 integrated amp

Hegel unveils new and improved replacement for H80 integrated

Replacing the H80 integrated amplifier (which was HFC’s first introduction to the Norwegian company’s wares back in issue 391 and the first of many Recommended badge winners), Hegel unveiled its H90 to an expectant audience back in May at the High End Show in Munich. Described by Hegel’s Anders Ertzeid as “A Rost that’s been scaled down with a slightly smaller power supply. It’s more cleaner like the Rost, but can deliver more power than the H80”. Released under the banner “Better than yours”, the new integrated amplifier is driven by the manufacturer’s new and improved SoundEngine2, which is claimed to reduce distortion even more than previous Hegel offerings. The engine is also described as dramatically improving bass control and the amplifier’s grip of the speakers, while accentuating all the fine details that make listening to music like seeing and hearing the real thing. Claiming a damping factor that is as much as 20 times higher than the industry average, the H90 offers a claimed 2x 60W of output power into an 8ohm load.

Analogue inputs are represented by a pair of unbalanced RCAs, while digital hookup options include coaxial, three optical, one USB and an Ethernet for network connection. There’s a pair of unbalanced variable line-level RCA outputs and a 6.35mm headphone jack. Inputs can be configured to remain at a fixed level so that the H90 can be used with a multi-room system with volume levels controlled by whatever accompanying app you choose to utilise. Meanwhile, AirPlay is now included for streaming from compatible devices.

The remote control has also been redesigned to be simpler to use and perhaps most impressive of all, the new functionality comes at exactly the same price as the old H80. Click here for more and look out for our review in the September issue.