HFC 2023 Yearbook on sale

Welcome to the 2023 Yearbook issue
Here we are again celebrating the very best hi-fi to grace our pages over the past 12 months. From DACs to turntables, amps to floorstanders, our reviewers have enjoyed a plethora of great kit from companies all over the world – some revered and long-trusted for the excellence of their products, some new to the scene and looking to make a name for themselves. All have been scrupulously tested so that you can make the most educated choice with confidence when deciding on your next investment.

One of the most noticeable things since the last yearbook is how many manufacturers have been marking significant anniversaries by issuing kit that revisits some of their past triumphs and gives them a contemporary going-over. This retro trend is fulsomely represented here and it strikes me it’s like the component equivalent of the vinyl revival where quality and the desire to connect emotionally with your purchase is paramount.

There were tons of highlights this year, not least the return of the UK Hi-Fi Show Live! at Ascot at the back end of September. It was great to meet some of you in person. Please continue to bombard us with your letters and emails over the coming months. We’ll keep up the good work if you will.

Wishing you the very best for 2024.