Issue 500 now on sale!

Welcome to the April issue
Congratulations. You’re the proud owner of the 500th issue of HFC. Not to spend too long blowing our own trumpet, it strikes me that it’s some achievement for any periodical to reach the big five-double-O in an era when there are so many other sources of information competing with the printed page. So thanks to one and all for your continued loyalty.

Our first copy was published back in 1975 and you can find our potted history of the journey to here, beginning on p46. Coincidentally, this happens to be my third anniversary issue as editor. I hopped into the hot seat for the April 2019 issue and we haven’t looked back since – well, except for the retrospective bit this issue, obviously! Looking ahead, we’ve taken the opportunity to make a few changes and introduce a few new features this month. On p126 you’ll find Flashback where we recount classic encounters with musical celebrities. On p78, in response to an increasing number of requests, you’ll find our new Beginners Guide series to help fathom the intricacies of setup with some useful jargon busting thrown in. And on p69 we’ve introduced a little chuckle to the Letters pages.

Hope you enjoy the issue and here’s to 500 more!