July issue now on sale

Welcome to the July issue
“It’s like trying to review a gig, with Marvin Gaye, The Who, Miles Davis and The Smiths on the same bill!” That’s the conclusion of an email I received recently from HFC contributor David Price trying to explain why copy for this month’s Group Test was taking a little longer to arrive than previously arranged. Beats the dog eating his homework, right?

As it turns out, David had so much fun dealing with the sheer variety of excellence on display once he got down to playing with his chosen turntables that we were moved to add an addendum Opinion column so he could explain the many intricacies he encountered reaching his verdict. It was one heck of a tough choice according to David, with all competitors making their own unique claim to the throne.

And that’s why the Group Test is the jewel in our crown. It’s a tough gig involving a lot of labour and lugging gear about, but it’s unique to us – no other publication has the moxy to do it – and it’s the foundation of how we work, so you know if a product is recommended you won’t be disappointed.

Also in this issue is our second and final roundup of the best vinyl goodies planned for the July Record Store Day drop and a celebration of the mighty dub master Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry.

Enjoy the issue.