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Welcome to the June issue
As Paul McCartney once remarked: it’s an ever-changing world in which we live in. Take NFTs. Up until a couple of months ago, most of us thought these letters stood for the National Film Theatre. But then, suddenly, literally out of the ether – kaboom! – there are these thingummybobs called Non-Fungible Tokens, which everyone’s talking about but hardly anyone appears to understand. They exist and yet… they don’t really. You can own them if you pay tons of money, sometimes millions, and yet… you don’t really ever actually possess them. On the one hand, there are those who claim NFTs are going to completely revolutionise the music industry while there are others who insist they are (I quote): “the most disgusting thing on the planet right now”.

One thing’s for sure, this NFT malarkey is a whole new business paradigm. Check out Nigel Williamson’s excellent piece, unboggle your brain and make up your own mind if we’re witnessing an amazing game-changer or the emperor’s new clothes.

Somewhat less dramatic, but also definitely worth clocking, is this year’s first Record Store Day drop of collectable vinyl. You can see our pick of the best releases. There’s shed-loads to look forward to. Catch you at the record racks!

Enjoy the issue.