Magico conjures up S3 floorstander

Magico has updated its flagship three-way floorstanding M9 loudspeaker to the new S3, which boasts an improved enclosure, new drivers and coupling system, and has been entirely re-engineered. It’s assembled from four separate extruded aluminium panels ranging in thickness from 12.7 to 50mm and each panel is machined to take on the appearance of an edgeless-shaped perimeter. A machined top plate is curved and has an upward pitch in a bid to minimise enclosure diffraction and break up vertical standing waves. A thicker and more substantial baseplate incorporates a newly designed three-point outrigger system with foot design that lowers the centre of gravity of the speaker and increases overall stability, resulting in a claimed lower noise floor and increased dynamics – making the enclosure 30 percent quieter than its predecessor.

New chassis profiles have been developed for the S3’s midrange and bass drivers, which the US company says result in: “ideal stiffness and damping properties to minimise any acoustical contribution by reducing resonant modes while also maximising air flow… Using key elements of the M9 tweeter platform, the newly designed S3 tweeter features the vaunted Magico 28mm diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm... Magico has increased the dome diameter from 26mm to 28mm, improving many aspects of performance and allowing even greater power handling and vanishingly low distortion.”

Combined with a neodymium-based motor system, new acoustically improved back chamber and customised shape to integrate into the curved front baffle, the new S3 tweeter registers what the company is claiming is the lowest distortion measurements possible today from a high-frequency transducer.

The 127mm pure midrange driver features an advanced cone material formed of a honeycomb aluminium core sandwiched with outer and inner layers of graphene and carbon fibre. Magico explains that this enables wider dispersion characteristics and results in greater midrange transparency. The advanced cone is supported by a customised basket assembly and foam surround to help achieve ideal cone/surround integration, faster settling time and low distortion.

The 229mm bass driver features an enhanced version of Magico’s Graphene Nano-Tec cone. The company says that Graphene achieves 50 times the tensile strength of high-carbon steel. The new cone is formed using a honeycomb aluminium core sandwiched by outer and inner layers of CF Graphene, which: “combine to achieve the highest possible stiffness-to-weight ratio, ideal damping properties and extremely low distortion”. The new bass unit incorporates oversized components including a 127mm pure titanium voice coil and huge copper cap with 13mm of linear excursion. The super-stabilised magnetic field enables the S3 to reproduce a low bass output of 112dB @ 50Hz measured at 1m, while maintaining low distortion and inductance below 0.25m

The Magico S3 is available to buy nowin different levels of finish: M-Cast, which is a textured powder coat finish, and M-Coat, a premium, high-gloss paint finish. M-Cast colour options include black, pewter, silver and bronze. M-Coat includes black, titanium, pearl white, orange, blue and candy red. The M-Cast finish option will set you back £57,00 per pair, while the M-Coat costs £66,000. You can find out more about the Magico S3 here.