Majority introduces Moto Bluetooth Turntable

Cambridge-based audio company Majority has released its Moto Bluetooth Turntable. With 5.3 Bluetooth connectivity, 2.0 stereo sound, USB recording, a precision-engineered dampening platter and an Audio-Technica AT3600L cartridge, the Moto plays vinyl at 33, 45 and 78rpm, measures 451 x 201 x 418mm (WxHxD) and weighs 3kg. It’s available to buy via Amazon.

In addition to this new release, Majority has teamed up with Ecologi, a platform for collective climate action by planting trees. As of February 2023, Majority has planted over 435,000 trees in the Majority Forest, removed 481.77 tonnes of CO2 emissions and contributed towards many sustainable projects that service local communities including protecting the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and generating solar power in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, India.

Also, for every product review that appears in the media, they will plant 100 additional trees in the name of the reviewer.

Available to buy now for £80, you can find out more about the Majority Moto Bluetooth Turntable here.