Mission unveils LX MkII speaker range

The original LX speaker range was launched in 2016 and now comes in a new, improved version – the LX MkII Series. The fresh lineup utilises design elements evolved from the company’s upmarket QX Series to build on the already successful formula of the first-generation LX series.

The LX range consisted of six models – two standmounts, three floorstanders and a centre for home cinema systems. The LX MkII range comprises nine. There is an additional standmount, a choice of two centres and a dedicated surround.

For the LX MkII Series, Mission has designed a tweeter with a neodymium magnet, selected for maximum magnetic force in a small space, and a 25mm microfibre dome. It also features a new version of the company’s DiaDrive bass/midrange drive unit, where the usual cone and dust cap arrangement is replaced by a seamless curvilinear diaphragm. This is directly driven by a secondary sub-cone connected to the voice coil, improving the efficiency of drive and providing superior control of the smoothly dished diaphragm. A high-strength ferrite magnet ensures that the magnetic field is directed precisely within the area of voice coil excursion, enabling an ultra-linear performance and excellent transient response.

One of the features of Mission’s upmarket QX speakers is the use of ‘comb-tooth’ serrations in the driver surrounds to help scatter interfering reflections from localised surfaces to the mid/bass cones. The LX MkII Series incorporates similar serrations in the main driver surrounds, as well as indentations around the tweeter, providing a smoother frequency response than the previous generation of speakers.

The LX MkII Series also uses a 4th order (24dB per octave acoustic) Linkwitz-Riley network to knit the drivers together while the three standmount models in the range feature DiaDrive units positioned according to Mission’s Inverted Driver Geometry , with the bass/mid driver sited above the treble unit to aid time-alignment – a Mission trademark dating back to the eighties.

The range starts off with the entry-level LX-1 MkII, which is a two-way standmount (£190) that pairs a 25mm microfibre dome with a 100mm mid/bass driver for a claimed sensitivity of 86dB (at 8ohm). The LX-2 MkII two-way standmount (£230) ups the size of the mid/bass driver to 130mm, resulting in 87dB sensitivity. The LX-3 MkII two-way standmount (£280) has a 165mm mid/bass driver and 88dB sensitivity.

The first of the floorstanders, the two-way LX-4 MkII (£400) has the same 25mm tweeter plus two 130mm mid/bass drivers with a claimed 89dB sensitivity. The LX-5 MkII (£500) increases the size of the mid/bass drivers to 165mm and the sensitivity to 90dB. Finally the three-way LX-6 MkII floorstander (£600) pairs the 25mm tweeter with a 130mm midrange driver and two 165mm bass drivers to provide a claimed sensitivity of 91dB.

The speakers boast extra internal damping fibre inside the rear-ported cabinets to reduce the level of midrange coloration and are available in a choice of soft-touch matt black, white or walnut finishes..

Available to buy now, you can find out more about Mission's LX MkII speaker range here.