Mola Mola unveils Kula amplifier

Mola Mola has launched its first integrated amplifier, the Kula. Named after the Hawaiian word for school, the integrated emulates the aesthetic of the company’s Makua preamp (HFC 427), incorporating an exclusive Mola Mola developed power supply and power-amplifier capable of delivering two channels of 150W into 8ohm loads.

The Kula’s Makua-inspired layout offers a line stage featuring three pairs of balanced and three pairs of single-ended inputs as well as the opportunity to include Mola Mola’s MC/MM phono stage and modular DAC section. The phono stage supplies independent adjustable settings while the 32-bit DAC (also employed by the Tambaqui) features five digital inputs including USB, optical, AES, Roon-ready endpoint and Bluetooth.

The Kula comes with six programmable presets, an optional remote control and Mola Mola Remote app. The additional DAC option adds £6,000 to the price and the phono stage £1,800..

Kula is available to buy now for £10,000 and you can find out more about it here.

Mola Mola