Monitor Audio unveils seventh-generation Silver Series speakers

UK company Monitor Audio is releasing the seventh generation of its Silver Series loudspeakers, which was originally introduced back in 1999.

The series consists of the Silver 50 7G and Silver 100 7G bookshelf/standmount models, the Silver 200 7G, Silver 300 7G and Silver 500 7G floorstanders and home cinema models including the Silver C250 7G centre, the Silver FX 7G rear surrounds and Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos-enabled surrounds.

According to the company: “Each one features fresh, original engineering… Our new C-CAM gold dome tweeter design has a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide II for lifelike, convincing treble reproduction. Our new RST II midrange and mid/bass drivers feature a more rigid profile than ever before, with its new hexagonal dimpled structure just one indicator of the changes to the cone and geometry structure that result in smooth, low-distortion sound. Our new crossover design is an elegant solution to the problem of splitting frequency information between drivers in a smooth, controlled manner.”

Every seventh generation Silver Series speaker also boasts new driver trims, while every floorstander has outrigger feet with spun metal trims – developed for stability on carpeted or hard floors. There are new magnetic grilles too, featuring a premium-grade weave.

The series comes in a brand-new, contemporary design with a choice of five high-quality finishes – High Gloss Black Lacquer, Satin White or a choice of three real-wood veneers: Ash, Natural Walnut and Black Oak. (The Silver FX 7G and Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos-enabled cabinets are available in High Gloss Black and Satin White only).

Pricing of the models is as follows: Silver 50 7G £575, Silver 100 7G £750, Silver 200 7G £1,150, Silver 300 7G £1,450, Silver 500 7G £1,725, Silver C250 7G £600, Silver FX 7G £600, and Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos-enabled surrounds £650.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about the new Silver Series here.

Monitor Audio