October 2022 issue now on sale

Welcome to the October issue
Having spent a couple of weeks recently driving around California in an undersized vehicle with three teenagers constantly misplacing their earbuds and fighting over dominance of the in-car Bluetooth – a rather unseemly three-way bout between Phoebe Bridgers, Korn and The Velvet Underground – I can attest to the absolute bliss of being back and pootling on my lonesome through the country lanes accompanied by my own uninterrupted personal soundtrack. Alice Coltrane, yup. Type O Negative, nope.

With this in mind, I heartily recommend Neville Roberts’ Opinion piece in this month’s issue, which goes further in eulogising the long-term healthy benefits of luxuriating in your own private favourite playlist. Furthermore, by the time you’re reading this you could well be in happyland having had a bunch of fun trying out all the new kit at the recent Hi-Fi Show Live at Ascot. There’ll be tons of news from onsite at the racecourse grandstand for those of you that missed the fun in next month’s issue.

In the meantime, there’s plenty to get stuck into, including our Group Test of affordable turntables and an envious gawp at the nigh-on 30 grand Engström ARNE triode tube amplifier.