Origin Live adds Swift Mk5 to range

Origin Live has added to its range of turntables with the Swift Mk5, a deck with a motor/power supply redesign and a Multi Layer Platter, tech which the company reveals has trickled down from its flagship Voyager vinyl spinner.

The Swift features the basic design of Origin Live’s Aurora turntable, thanks to its single-point cantilevered suspension. In this system the platter and tonearm are balanced roughly in equilibrium on the ends of a rigid sub-chassis bar. Due to the microscopic flexing of the single suspension support point, the company claims this arrangement feels the same as a rigid, mechanical suspension, while avoiding the hardness of many non-suspended designs and softening of leading edges of suspended designs.

The Swift features Origin Live’s low-friction bearing, which consistently takes at least three times longer to come to a stop from free spinning than almost anything else on the market: “Low friction in the bearing allows the cartridge stylus to track the vinyl grooves with less interference from system resonance, resulting in a silent background and vastly improved dynamics and separation”.

The aforementioned Mk5 Multi Layer Platter features: “an intricately designed top” with over 1,000 individual slots laser cut through the top layer. Combined with another composite layer underneath and screwed on to the acrylic platter, these layers work to diffuse surface resonance in the platter through vibrational interference: “resulting in a texture in the music which is freed up from resonant artefacts.”

The Swift Mk5 Turntable is priced at £2,290. An accompanying Zephyr Mk4 Tonearm is £1,080. Both are available to buy now and you can find out more here.

Origin Live