Q Acoustics debuts M40 powered micro-tower wireless system

Q Acoustics has introduced its ultra-compact M40 powered micro-tower wireless audio system. It boasts 2x 100W of built-in Class D amplification, high-resolution wireless streaming via Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD compatibility and numerous connectivity options to deal with a multitude of sound sources such as a TV, turntable (with a built-in preamp), games console, set-top box, CD player or network streamer. Available in Black, White and Walnut, QA says the M40 has been designed to: “serve up extraordinary hi-res stereo sound no matter the setting.”

The M40 features the latest Q Acoustics advancement in driver technology: the C3 Continuous Curved Cone mid/bass driver. First seen and heard in the 5000 Series, C3 (pronounced ‘C cubed’) is claimed by the company to “combine the outstanding bass performance of a traditional straight cone with the high/midrange control and fidelity of a flared cone”. The M40 adopts a ‘tweeter-at-the-top’ driver configuration. In addition, the M40 features a decoupled tweeter for high-frequency performance, along with Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser technology to reduce unwanted standing waves inside the cabinet.

The speaker features Q Acoustics’ proprietary Point to Point internal bracing to keep the cabinet as rigid and inert as possible. Particular attention has been given to the M40 grille design. “Fixing the grille to the baffle, rather than it being removable, allows for added strength derived from the baffle and significantly reduces the grille’s structure, particularly around the drivers. The result of the M40’s open grille design minimises disruption of sound dispersion patterns, while reducing reflections for a smoother sonic performance.”

The M40 measures 250 x 710 x 296mm (WxHxD) with stabilisers and the cabinets weigh 12.4kg (amplified) and 11.8g (passive).

Available to buy now for £750, you can find out more about the Q Acoustics M40 here.

Q Acoustics