Q Acoustics introduces 5000 series

Q Acoustics has begun the roll-out of its new 5000 series featuring the introduction of its C3 Continuous Curved Cone profile in the mid/bass driver. The series also inherits cabinet and driver tech from the flagship Concept range and the company says it’s positioned between the 3000i and Concept series. The new range includes the 5010 bookshelf, 5020 standmount, 5040 and 5050 floorstanders and 5090 centre for home cinema setups.

The C3 (pronounced ‘C-cubed’) Continuous Curved Cone design in the mid/bass driver is claimed to provide smoother high-frequency integration with the tweeter and superior bass dynamics while the dark acrylic baffle motif mirrors the minimalist C3 Continuous Curved Cone profile. Taken from the Concept series, it has a new housing with the high-frequency driver hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the front baffle to protect from internal pressure and resonances from the mid/bass driver. Point-2-Point bracing stiffens the cabinet to minimise lower frequency vibrations, while focusing stereo imaging and improving soundstage. Helmholtz pressure equalisers are used to reduce internal pressure and standing waves in the floorstanders.

The baffle fronts are laminated with butyl rubber and black acrylic trim to provide a damping layer to suppress vibration occurring in the baffle and all models are available in Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood and Holme Oak finishes.

The 5040 and 5050 floorstanders come with solid aluminium stabilisers that feature top adjustable spikes for levelling adjustment, while low-profile speaker terminals provide a tidy appearance, enabling the cabinet to be placed closer to the back wall if required.

The 5010 bookshelf speaker costs £500 and pairs a 25mm tweeter with a 110mm mid/bass driver to provide a claimed sensitivity of 86.3dB into 6ohm loads. Its dimensions are 160 x 264 x 263mm (WxHxD) and each cabinet weighs 5.6kg. The 5020 increases the size of the mid/bass driver to 125mm, resulting in 87.9dB sensitivity (6ohm). The larger cabinet is 180 x 284 x 293mm (WxHxD) and each one weighs 7kg. It costs £600.

The 5040 is the smaller of the floorstanding options and combines a 25mm tweeter with two 125mm mid/bass drivers for a claimed sensitivity of 91.5dB (6ohm). It measures 361 x 967 x 293mm (WxHxD including spikes and stabiliser), each cabinet weighs 18kg and it costs £1,000. Finally, the larger 5050 is due to be released later in the year. Prices, availability and specifications are still to be confirmed, but it is expected to have the same tweeter as its siblings alongside two 150mm mid/bass drivers.

An array of accessories is also available. The 3000FSi floorstands for the 5010 or 5020 standmounts come in a white or black finish priced £175, while single WB75 wall brackets for the 5020 (also in a white or black finish) are priced £60 each. The 3000WB wall bracket (single) for the 5010 comes in a white or black finish, priced £22 each. See the June 2023 issue for our world exclusive review.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about Q Acoustics' new 5000 series here.

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