Q Acoustics new Concept loudspeaker range

Q Acoustics has introduced the newest models in its series of Concept stereo and home cinema loudspeakers, the collection comprising the Concept 30 standmount, Concept 50 floorstander and Concept 90 centre channel.

Taking acoustic and design cues from the flagship Concept 300 and 500 (HFC 476/426), while also introducing new innovations, the company says the new speakers are geared towards: “designing the quietest cabinet possible. Unaffected by internal and external resonances, they deliver focused stereo imaging, accurate audio and an extended holographic soundstage to emulate a live performance in the home”.

With this in mind, the range has been designed using Gelcore cabinet construction to reduce higher frequency cabinet noise, Point-2-Point (P2P) internal bracing to stiffen the cabinet to minimise lower frequency vibrations (not applicable to the Concept 90), Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers to reduce internal pressure and standing waves (the Concept 50 and 500 only) and an isolation suspension base to eradicate unwanted external and internal vibrations. A variation on the isolation base principle first seen on the Concept 300, all three of the new models have a suspension system in the form of a sprung baseplate. Two plates are separated by suspension ‘spheres’ that effectively isolate the cabinet from external vibrations.

In addition, the new driver assembly is mounted to the front aluminium baffle by pre-tensioned studs with the aim of achieving the correct acoustic seal, while dampening vibrations and minimising structural coupling of the assembly in the main cabinet. The 127mm mid/bass driver and 23mm tweeter design is ground-up for increased power handling, the high-frequency driver is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the front baffle to protect from internal resonances from the mid/bass. The crossover is mounted on the isolation base to minimise any microphonic pickup and electro-magnetic fields radiated by the drive units.

Boasting the same design and high gloss finish as the top-of-the-range 300 and 500 models, the new Concept range retains the signature aluminium front baffle plate and is available in black, silver or white finishes.

The Concept 30 measures 180 x 284 x 319mm (WxHxD), weighs 7.9kg and is priced at £900. The Concept 50 measures 418 x 1,025 x 319mm including spikes and stabiliser, weighs 22.9kg and is priced at £1,100. The Concept 90 measures 550 x 184 x 259mm, weighs 12.3kg and costs £650. The Concept range is available to buy now and you can find out more about it here.

Q Acoustics