Q Acoustics unveils Concept 300 standmount loudspeaker

Joining its award-winning Concept 500 floorstander (HFC 426), Q Acoustics has announced the Concept 300 standmount that employs some of the same technology introduced in the flagship loudspeaker partnered with some all-new engineering. The two-way reflex design measures 220 x 355 x 400mm (WxHxD) and uses the same 28mm wide dispersion soft-dome tweeter combined with a 165mm mid/bass driver that has been tweaked for optimum performance for its standmount configuration. Sensitivity is rated at 84dB with a nominal impedance of 6ohm.

As with the Concept 500, attention has been lavished on cabinet design and the 300 employs the same Dual Gelcore construction that combines layers of high-density MDF separated by liquid adhesive to convert and dissipate unwanted resonances as heat. The seamless cabinet is further bolstered by internal point-to-point bracing that applies additional rigidity only to the sections that really need it.

Supplied with the specially designed Tensegrity speaker stand (not shown) included in the £2,999 asking price, its tripod design is derived from architecture’s Tensile principle and forms a self-supporting structure of lightweight aluminium rods and steel cables that are said to eliminate radiating sound and reflections, as well as isolating external vibrations. The stand attaches to an isolation base plate integrated with the bottom of the cabinet to securely anchor it in place, and the speaker rests on four damped springs. Available in three cabinet finishes all have high-gloss fronts with a wood veneer rear and come in black/rosewood, white/oak or silver/ebony (pictured).

The Concept 300 standmount is available to buy from March for £2,999 and you can find out more by clicking here