Q Acoustics unveils E120 wireless audio system

Q Acoustics is introducing the E120, an installed, wall-mounted wireless audio system designed to function in any room in a home or garden office, pairing the company’s range of discreet in-ceiling or in-wall speakers for what QA is calling: “a zero clutter, wireless home audio system”.

The key features of the E120 are a built-in Class D stereo amplifier serving up 2x 25W of power, an IP54-rating which makes it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless streaming of music from compatible devices and built-in DAB+ and FM radio with one-touch presets. Its touch-sensitive splash-proof 3.2in colour display shows track, artist and album name and has an internal light sensor, which can be configured to automatically set the display brightness.

To blend into any interior, the main wall panel comes in black or white and owners can connect to any pair of passive speakers, including cabinet designs between 6 and 8ohm. The speaker outputs can be configured as stereo or dual mono (both output left and right combined) by setting a small switch, while a pair can be wired in series on each output to support even distribution of sound in larger rooms.

For those that wish to install an entire Q Acoustics system, the pricings are as follows: E120 and a stereo pair of Qi65CB in-ceiling speakers for most indoor applications £500. E120 and a stereo pair of Qi65C Professional in-ceiling speakers for most indoor applications £570. E120 and a stereo pair of Qi65CW weatherproof 6.5in in-ceiling speakers for showers, bathrooms and verandas £650. E120 and a stereo pair of Qi65RP Performance 6.5in in-wall speakers for a discrete hi-fi: £700. E120 and a stereo pair of Qi65EW weatherproof on-wall speakers for use in gardens and verandas (wall mount the E120 by the exit to the garden or veranda) £700. Two 7m QED speaker cables and 5m power cables come supplied as part of the package as standard.

Available to buy now, you can find out more about Q Acoustics' E120 here.

Q Acoustics