Rotel introduces new Diamond Series DAC and integrated

Japanese company Rotel celebrates its 60th anniversary with the launch of two new models, which the company is calling its Diamond Series. The range comprises the DT-6000 DAC transport and RA-6000 integrated amplifier, each featuring a combination of: “Michi-inspired circuit design working with high-quality bespoke and custom components”.

The DT-6000 DAC transport boasts an 8-channel ESS Sabre ES9028PRO DAC chipset configured to dedicate four mono DACs each to the left and right channels. The unit includes a PC-USB input supporting MQA and DSD audio playback and renders 32-bit/384kHz PCM music files through the coaxial and optical inputs supporting music streamers and media players plus a tray-loading CD mechanism. It’s powered by an in-house manufactured, bespoke shielded toroidal transformer with high-efficiency slit foil smoothing capacitors designed to reduce stray emissions and deliver independent, isolated, low-noise power to all critical circuits in a bid to further reducing noise and distortion.

The RA-6000 integrated claims 350W of output power into 4ohm speaker loads leveraging technical and performance designs from the brand’s flagship Michi series models – especially with regards to circuit design, acoustic component selection and power supply engineering methods – while also further developing the upgrades found in Rotel’s recent MKII models. The company says: “An array of source inputs ensures connection to modern and legacy audio sources including balanced XLR, three coaxial, three optical, three analogue and a USB port supporting MQA, Bluetooth with aptX HD for high performance wireless streaming. There’s also a moving-magnet phono stage for vinyl enthusiasts.”

Rotel's Diamond Series RA-6000 costs £4,000, the DT-6000 £2,000 and both are available in black and silver finishes. You can find out more about the RA-6000 integrated here and the DT-600 here.