Russ Andrews cleans up vinyl

Russ Andrews is expanding its range of accessories for vinyl with the launch of two new cleaning brushes designed to keep records and styli in top condition. The Groove Cleaner Brush features 50-micron nylon bristles, which the company claims are both thinner than a human hair and chemically inert, making them suitable for use with record cleaning fluids.

The second new product is the Stylus Super Clean brush, which uses densely packed bristles to offer gentle stylus cleaning, “without creating static that can attract more dust.” The nylon brush can be used dry, but Russ Andrews recommends it’s most effective when partnered with its own TipTonic stylus cleaning fluid.

The Groove Cleaner Brush will set you back £25, the Stylus Super Clean Brush £20 and the Stylus Super Clean Brush plus TipTonic £29.

All of the vinyl cleaning solutions are available to buy now and you can find out more about the Groove Cleaner Brush here, the Stylus Super Clean Brush here and the Stylus Super Clean Brush plus TipTonic here.

Russ Andrews