Second-gen soundBuds from Cyrus Audio

UK-based specialist Cyrus Audio has introduced its second-generation soundBuds2 in-ear headphone. Building upon its first iteration, Cyrus claims to have improved upon its soundBuds with a more modern design, improved larger drivers, longer battery life and capacitive touch controls, while retaining the original lightweight but durable construction and Bluetooth connectivity.

The soundBuds2 come outfitted with soft ear hooks, coupled with heavy-duty water resistance (IPX5) and a “non-fall-out” fit making them almost impossible to lose.

It comes with an ergonomic, pocket-sized charging case with one hour rapid charge. Once charged, the soundBuds2 give a claimed five hours playing time, while the smart carrying case adds another 15 – totalling 20 hours of listening in all. They weigh 4.3g each and are supplied with three different sized ear-tips.

Cyrus Audio's soundBuds2 in-ears are available to buy now for £80 and you can find out more about them here.

Cyrus Audio