Sennheiser debuts Accentum Plus wireless headphone

Sennheiser has introduced its Accentum Plus wireless headphone, which claims a “class-leading” 50 hours of listening between charges and quick charge feature that adds an extra five hours of listening time in about 10 minutes. The provided USB-C cable also allows the listener to stream music from a class-compliant audio device like a laptop while charging.

The Bluetooth 5.2 headphone supports all popular codecs including aptX and boasts a 37mm dynamic transducer with Sennheiser’s Sound Personalisation mode.

The Accentum Plus can be controlled via an intuitive touch panel and companion app that responds to gesture controls. Familiar taps and swipes manage listening levels, wireless controls and there’s a transparency mode.

The same touch-enabled earcup as used in the flagship Momentum series offers feature control without needing to search for buttons or dive into menus. There’s also automatic wind-reduction and an adjustable side-tone to keep calls free from distractions. Multipoint connectivity switches the active wireless connection from one Bluetooth device to another without re-pairing. The Smart Control App handles Bluetooth connections, exploring the 5-band EQ and adjusting a plethora of audio-centric features. All of this is presented through a visual user interface that fits neatly in a pocket. Smart Control also allows users to store personalised pre-sets.

The earcup and headband padding adapt to the wearer’s contours and for when wireless listening isn’t required, an audio cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug is included. It can be used with in-flight entertainment systems or other headphone outs. Accentum Plus folds flat and ships with a protective zip-storage case. It comes in Black or White.

Available to buy now for £200, you can find out more about the Sennheiser Accentum Plus wireless headphone here.