Sennheiser introduces IE 300 in-ears
Sennheiser has launched the IE 300 wired in-earphone, featuring a refined version of the audio specialist’s 7mm Extra Wide Band (XWB) transducer.

With an optimised membrane foil designed to minimise natural resonances, the IE 300 boasts a transducer back volume to minimise reflection within the housing and a resonator chamber that removes masking resonances in the ear for more refined and detailed treble. Offering a frequency response of 6Hz – 20kHz, the IE 300 comes with individually adjustable flexible ear hooks, as well as silicone and memory foam ear adaptors in three sizes (S/M/L) to ensure a secure fit, comfort for longer listening sessions and optimum isolation from noise.

The IE 300 comes bundled with a 3.5mm cable, while balanced replacements with 2.5mm or 4.4mm connectors are also available as optional accessories. A premium carry case is included for safe and convenient storage.

Sennheiser's IE 300 is available to buy now for £259 and you can find out more about it here.