Spendor introduces Classic 4/5

Spendor is launching a new two-way standmount loudspeaker – the Classic 4/5 – which the company claims to be: “the most charming and beautifully balanced-sounding small Spendor Classic ever.”

The Classic 4/5’s mid/bass drive unit features a high-linearity, high-excursion, motor-magnet system, 15cm diameter pressure die-cast magnesium alloy chassis, EP77 polymer cone and new surround and suspension materials with thermal and mechanical stability. Key electrical, mechanical and damping parameters have been optimised to suit the sealed enclosure so, whether placed on a stand or open shelf, the Classic 4/5 is claimed to deliver low frequencies: “with fine articulation and a natural sense of depth and musical timing.”

A 22mm wide-surround tweeter combines the extended frequency response of a small diaphragm with the low-frequency characteristics of a larger diaphragm to give stable low-distortion response over a wide frequency range. The 4/5’s cabinet boasts thin low-mass side panels anchored to a rigid front baffle, each panel bonded to a viscoelastic damping pad aiming to dissipate any spurious energy into inaudible heat.

The crossover network works with precision-wound inductors and high-linearity plastic film capacitors to integrate the drivers in a minimum phase alignment. The network is engineered to achieve 8ohm loads.

Built in the UK, the two-way Spendor Classic 4/5 has a claimed sensitivity of 84dB and comes in a choice of cherry or walnut finishes. Available to buy now for £1,600 you can read more about it here or see the review in the January issue.