Turntables GT

Six mid-priced spin masters to get your vinyl back on track

Models on test:

Inspire Hi-Fi Black

Magic Si £560

Music Hall MMF-2.2


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Esprit SB £425

Rega RP3


SOTA Moonbeam

Series II £600

Stanton STR8.150


From the master of

turntable upgrades

comes a UK-built,

stripped-back design

that oozes style. But all

that acrylic isn’t just for

effect, so how will it fare

in the sonic stakes?

With three decades of

hi-fi knowhow behind

its quality components

and carrying a Goldring

cartridge and Pro-Ject

tonearm, this Czech

deck’s got a lot to offer

and we smell a bargain.

Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon

gets upgraded with a

slab of acrylic and a sexy

speed control. Throw in

a carbon arm wand and

Ortofon pick up and

you’ve got a package

that’s hard to beat.

This fuss-free package

represents the latest

iteration of Rega’s vinyl

spinning icon and gets

some structural

engineering to support

its top-flight tonearm

and inhouse pick up

This US deck’s traditional

looking plinth hides a

wealth of modern

materials aimed at

faithful music playback.

Can its uniquely crafted

approach keep the

competition at bay?

Festooned with features

including an in-built

phono stage, cartridge

and S/PDIF out, this

direct drive heavyweight

DJ deck’s got the lot.

But can it cut it in the

audiophile arena?

 See how they performed in our Group Test in the June issue 385 on sale now! Click here to buy a copy.