Velodyne introduces MicroVee X subwoofer

First introduced into the UK by Redline in 2006, Velodyne’s MicroVee has already been upgraded to the MKII version and now the company is launching the MicroVee X, which – while keeping many of the features from its stablemate – gains fresh additions such as carbon kevlar drive units and its own dedicated remote-control functionality – providing direct access to volume, phase and crossover adjustments.

The key feature of the original Velodyne MicroVee was the miniscule cabinet size and this version keeps very similar dimensions (23 x 23 x 25cm WxHxD), which the company reveals delivers the same space-saving and placement flexibility as before. “As apartment living and smaller living spaces in general become a phenomenon, especially in more urban areas, the opportunities presented by this product become obvious. It’s also great for spaces such as smaller living rooms, studies or bedrooms where extra bass is needed, but space is at a premium.”

The MicroVee X features a Digital Drive Control System (DDCS) partnered with a Class AB amplifier that’s been designed to ensure precise and low-distortion bass reproduction and is furnished with 800W of power. The DDCS is an active signal-based approach that delivers linear cone movement, controlling the unit’s frequency and distortion characteristics, which the company claims means that: “the MicroVee X manages to reduce distortion to only around a sixth of the values of comparable and competing subwoofers. Although the output on paper is lower in watts per channel when compared with its predecessor (both peak and RMS), the current capability of the new amp design is substantially higher than the MK11 delivering a considerable up-tick in performance… The MicroVee X can also play about 15 percent louder right across the frequency range when compared with previous models in the range.”

The 6.5in active driver is combined with two side-mounted passive radiators of the same size, producing “robust, musical bass”.

The MicroVee X weighs in at 9kg and comes in black or white satin finishes.

Available to buy now for £912.50 , you can find out more about Velodyne’s MicroVee X sub here.

Redline (UK distributor)