Wilson Audio unveils LõKe sub

Wilson Audio has added a new subwoofer to its range of speakers. The LõKe (pronounced “low-key”) is the US brand’s smallest and most compact sub yet, measuring 352 x 527 x 552mm (WxHxD), and is an extension of the company’s TuneTot eco system. LõKe encompasses compatibility across the full range of TuneTot bookshelf speakers, and the company claims it fundamentally expands the core capabilities of its other smaller floorstanding loudspeaker models including: SabrinaX, Yvette, Sasha DAW and all of their predecessors.

Taking data points from Wilson’s larger subwoofer systems – Subsonic, Thor’s Hammer and WATCH Dog – LõKe is an all-in-one that’s claimed to be simple to setup and easy to manage. Incorporated into LõKe’s built-in 500W amp are the most utilised functions from Wilson Audio’s ActivXO Dual Subwoofer Crossover, including crossover frequency, crossover slope, phase and level.

There are 21 colour options available. Standard, at £9,000, comes in Galaxy Gray, GT Silver, Quartz and Carbon. Upgrade, at £9,500, comes in Obsidian Black, Ivory (main pic), Diamond Black, Fly Yellow, Estoril Blue, Nara Bronze, Pur Sang Rouge, Cobalt Blue Satin, Chalk, Classic Orange, Oak Green and Crimson Satin. Premium Pearl, at £11,000, comes in Saffron Pearl, Bergamot Pearl (above), Cranberry Pearl, Olympia Pearl and Viola Pearl. In addition there is a choice of four grille colours.

Available to buy now for £9,000, you can find out more about LõKe here.

Absolute Sounds (UK distributor)