Wire on Wire remodells Experience Plexus8 cables

Surrey-based company Wire on Wire has remodelled the cable geometry for its new tunable Experience Plexus8 range of audio cables, which incorporate an extra pair of silver-plated copper wires to each interconnect with a re-configured flat-braided construction. The company explains: “the result is a cable with increased conductor asymmetry consisting of alternating loop configurations with increased separation between conductors”.

The new cables, the Experience Plexus8 RCA, Experience Plexus8-SC and the Experience Plexus8 Balanced consist of eight PTFE-insulated, silver-plated, multi-stranded copper wires per cable, with three different conducting filament gauges, resulting in an asymmetric, intersecting, non-parallel configuration designed to reduce capacitance, crosstalk and harmonic modes and to allow the audio cable’s electrical characteristics to be fine-tuned in an effort to suit different individual hi-fi components.

Wire on Wire’s cables are produced to order, hand-made with a 60-day, money back guarantee and free mainland delivery to anywhere in the UK at £850 per metre pair. Available to buy now, you can find out more here .

Wire On Wire