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B&W P7 Price: £300 Website: bowers-wilkins. com Read the full review in our January (379) issue. . .
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UK subscribers and purchasers take a look at our first AVTech Awards supplement, showcasing the greatest AV products as reviewed by Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Home Cinema Choice and What Satellite & Digital TV. 43 of the greatest AV products available in 2013/14. Pick up a copy now! Brands awarded: Arcam, Astell&Kern, Auralic, Bowers & Wilkins, Creek, Devialet, Meridian, Chord Company, Chord Electronics, KEF, Krell, Lyra, Monitor Audio, Musical Fidelity, Onkyo, Oppo, Orbitsound, Panasonic,PMC,Pro-Ject, PS Audio, Rega, REL, Sony, Samsung, Sennheiser, T+A, Tannoy, van den Hul, Wharfedale, Yamaha . .
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NAD D 3020 Hybrid amplifier/DAC Price: £400 Quoted power: 30W RMS Distributor: Sevenoaks Sound & Vision Website: nadelectronics. com Read the full review in our January (379) issue. Click here to get review . .
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In the October issue we incorrectly stated that the Pro-Ject Head Box DS was fitted with a Burr Brown PCM1792 chipset, when in fact it camefitted with a Cirrus Logic CS4344 DAC chipset. The Recommened badge and five star rating remain. . .
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Arcam's latest rSeries little box ups the feature count but does it deliver the goods? Price: £400 Features Burr Brown PCM1796 DAC 24/192 capable across all inputs 2x coaxial, 2x optical, 1x USB IR remote control Contact: 01223 203200 Website:arcam. co. uk Click here to read full review in the December issue (378). .
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Superstars: six fabulous floorstanders from Acoustic Energy, Epos, Focal, Quad, Spendor and Tannoy raise the roof. Group Test floorstanding speakers £1,000-£1,295 Click here to read the Group Test in full . . .
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Update! The inaugural Hi-Fi Show 2013 organised by AVTech Media was a great success. Click hereto see what you missed! . . .
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Read the full review on this power-house in the December issue (378). . . .
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The UK's premier high-end audio event was a great success. Thanks to eveyone who took part. Click here to link to the show to see what you missed. .
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Choice Extrareview of the KEF M500headphones. Read the full article in Hi-Fi Choice issue 377, November 2013. PRODUCT TYPE TELEPHONE WEBSITE KEF M500 Over-ear headphones 01622 6722261 www. kef.