2020 Yearbook now on sale

Welcome to the 2020 Yearbook
Call it what you will – the very best of the best, the cream of the crop, top of the list, head of the heap, king of the hill – the sheer quality of the choice collection of kit contained within this very special issue of HFC is testament to the creativity, resilience and ambition of the hi-fi industry in a year that, we surely don’t need reminding, has been the toughest we’ve ever seen.

While there have been many consequences to much of the UK being locked down, one of the few upsides has been that many of us have found more time to enjoy our home hi-fi and have discovered – or rediscovered – music that is dear to us, helping us cope with the gloom.

Some have developed a new-found appreciation of their setup, while others have decided a change of direction, an upgrade or a new start is in order. And to that end, this bumper issue is here to help your next steps. Whether you intend to splash the cash or fantasise about ideal setups, among these 164 pages you’ll find all the best speakers, amps, headphones, DACs, turntables and CD players our writers have scrupulously tested and reviewed during the past 12 months to provide you with an informed guide as you set out on your next hi-fi adventure.

Have fun!