Black Rhodium unveils 'Affordcables' lineup

Part of a new range of cables that Derbyshire-based Black Rhodium has dubbed ‘Affordcables’, its Twist Classic loudspeaker and Libra Classic power cables (pictured) are aimed at offering high-quality sound at an affordable price. Both cables have the same structure as their non-Classic versions, but are fitted with a powerful ferrite filter placed directly over the conductor wires at the component or loudspeaker end to reduce the amount of RFI and EMI entering the cables. Available now, Twist Classic comes as a 3m (£170) or 5m (£194) pair, terminated with gold-plated Z plugs, while the Libra Classic 1.7m mains power cable fitted with polarised Schuko plug and IEC socket costs £170 or £150 for a non-polarised version. Click here for more information.
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