Chord Company debuts ShawlineX ARAY interconnect

Chord Company has upgraded its Shawline analogue interconnect using XLPE (Cross-linked Polythene) insulation, creating what the company is calling: “the best-performing Shawline cable yet”.

The new ShawlineX ARAY is the latest cable handmade in the UK by the company to benefit from the performance-enhancing dielectric. Shawline’s upgrade follows the SignatureX and EpicX ARAY interconnects announced earlier in 2023.

Built with high-quality silver-plated conductors, layers of shielding and Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY geometry, the ShawlineX ARAY has been designed with the intention of enhancing a wide range of different systems at a reasonable price.

The ShawlineX ARAY also benefits from Chord Company’s unique ChorAlloy-plated VEE 3 RCA, DIN or XLR connectors. It boasts a dedicated tonearm cable, mini-jack options, HDMI AOC, power and speaker cables, and a variety of digital options. It comes with a lifetime warranty against defective materials and is available with custom lengths and terminations to order.

Available to buy now for £210 for 0.5m, you can find out more about the Chord Company ShawlineX ARAY interconnect here.

Chord Company