Do you talk to your music system?

With many households now owning a speaker setup that offers some form of voice control, we're curious to know how many audiophiles actively use their speakers in this way.
Do you talk to your music system?
No, I use the controls on the speaker
12% (19 votes)
No, I use a remote or app
68% (104 votes)
Yes, I talk to it
20% (30 votes)
Total votes: 153

gizmo's picture

I'd love the convenience of voice-activated hi-fi. I use Siri a lot in the car, but in the home there aren't many options for decent audiophile quality. I'd love to see an article on how to connect Alexa or Siri etc to Roon, Tidal or a Naim streamer, without the audio source being a noisy computer with a headphone jack plug output.